The Grace of God

That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

The Case Against Calvinism

Posted by israeliteindeed on December 4, 2009

If you have been influenced by Calvinism, or you would like to know more about it, please take the time to watch this excellent video by Jesse Morrell called, “Indictments Against Calvinism.”  God bless you.

2 Responses to “The Case Against Calvinism”

  1. Peter said

    A logical proof that the Calvinist theory of limited Atonement makes God a rapist or a jerk:

    Axioms are marked A, Conclusions are marked C.

    A1. The atonement was efficient for reconciliation to God (not true, the atonement is only efficient for reconciliation when in tandem with faith, but Calvinists do believe this)
    C1. Therefore, if a man was atoned for on the Cross, he is saved.
    A2. Not all men are saved.
    A3. Some men are saved.
    C2. Therefore, the atonement was limited to only some men.
    A4. Men are saved by grace through faith.
    C3. Therefore, by A4, C1, and C2, Christ died only for those who either had or would have justifying faith, that is, faith that would make a man the recipient of grace.
    A5. The atonement happened, in its entirety, before the birth of some men.
    A6. No man is born with justifying faith or having repented of his future sins.
    C4. Therefore, by A5, A6, and C1, some men are saved before repentance or faith.
    C5. Therefore, by C3, A5, and A6, some men are destined from before birth to have faith.
    A7. If a man is destined to have faith, he is destined to be born.
    A8. Some men are born due to sinful conceptions.
    C6. Therefore, by A7, A8, and C5, either God, through the atonement, authored sinful conceptions, or no man born through a sinful conception even has the possibility of having faith, or no conception is sinful. At least one of those 3 MUST be true if you accept limited atonement.

  2. Peter said

    plow some tulips

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