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Feeding on Foolishness

Posted by israeliteindeed on June 18, 2011

The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness. Prov. 15:14

It causes me great sorrow to see many young people, who claim to love God, feeding on foolishness. They watch movies that “aren’t so bad.” They listen to music that isn’t openly opposed to Christ; it just doesn’t lead the heart’s affections in His direction. They follow the exploits of athletes as if it all means something, memorizing stats instead of the Scriptures which are able to make men wise unto salvation. They play video games, sometimes vicariously living through fake people while their spiritual house falls into disrepair. Oh, the daring exploits they accomplish in their video games–while in reality, they do nothing at all for either Christ or neighbor!

We are what we eat. All of this feeding on foolishness makes one a fool, and gives one the mouth of a fool that can help no one.  But you have not so learned Christ!

Is there even one account of Jesus behaving in a flippant, self-entertaining way in any of the gospels? Never. He was always working, just as His Father was always working (John 5:17). Jesus was ministry-minded, not entertainment minded.  He knew and purposely kept before His face the reason He came–to set captives free. What does this mean to you–My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me?

I charge you, dear reader, to steward your time here on earth as one who will give an account.  The question is not, “Can I get away with this activity?” but “Will this activity increase the knowledge of God in me and on the earth?”

Now, I don’t believe for a moment that Jesus never smiled. But joy has little or nothing to do with entertainments; entertainments are inherently selfish and produce no true joy in the soul. If you want to be anointed with gladness above all your fellows, you must love righteousness and hate iniquity as Jesus did (Heb. 1:9).  Squandering the new life and resources God has given you is ungratefulness and sin; you must hate it enough to turn away from it.  True joy is found co-laboring with Jesus in the great work of salvation while we can, for the night is coming when no man can work (Jn. 9:4).

How can you say you love God with all your heart, when you spend so many hours pursuing vain things that God is far from?–If this describes you, your profession of love is vain. You feed on things that produce no life in you; you have allowed your appetite for truth to dwindle to the point that no fruit is being produced in your life–for unless you abide in the Vine, you cannot produce fruit. You are lukewarm in your affections for Jesus, and are in the gravest of dangers. Seeking out His Wisdom and/or serving somewhere in the Body of Christ is not as important as beating another level in a fake video game world! While you win virtual battles on a screen, the real spiritual battle rages all around you, but your ears grow dull to its sound, and your mind uncomprehending of its strategies. Your sword grows dull from disuse, and you don’t even know that you are losing your spiritual life and becoming useless to God and others. What a tragedy!

The heart of him that has understanding seeks KNOWLEDGE, and refuses to feed on foolishness.  You must choose between life and death.  With the banquet of good things the Lord willingly spreads before us, with all the wisdom that is to be found in Him, with all the souls on their way to perdition, with the rumblings of divine judgment even now on the horizon, with so few laborers in God’s harvest fields, how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation and rush headlong after foolish things?  Had Noah stopped working on the ark to do something “fun” with his neighbors, he would not have been mocked for preaching righteousness, and he would not have had the ark ready at the appointed time.

Young person, rather than feeding on the foolishness that brings spiritual death to you and everyone around you, why not study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth, (2 Tim. 2:15) so that you can break true bread for hungry souls? Why not seek for the wisdom of God like treasure, so that you have a storehouse for you and others to draw from in times of trouble?  Why not find something profitable to do for the kingdom of God?

God bless you.

One Response to “Feeding on Foolishness”

  1. smilesback said

    Hard, sobering message… Yet Jesus says that the gate AND the road are both narrow and thus only a few will find eternal life. (Matt. 7:13,14) Eternal life is a whole-hearted, fervent search. (Matt. 13:44-46 & Jer. 29:13,14) It is not a one time prayer or a one-day wedding. It is a life-long, then after-earthly-life eternal, marriage with pure fellowship and communion, God being the Commander, the Boss, the King, the Lord, the Husband… the entire time. (Matt. 10:22 & 24:12,13) It is a path, one with many obstacles and testings (Acts 14:22) –even from the Lord Himself– for as Dt. 8:2 reminds us, “Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep His commands.” And lest we should think this verse is only for the Israelites, let’s remember that Jesus’ words from Matt. 4:4 is a direct quote taken from the very next verse here in Deuteronomy –verse 3.

    I get weary with “Christians” who brush off God’s commands with, “Oh, that’s Old Testament.” Jesus and the apostles quoted the Old Testament frequently! This tells us that the whole Bible is pertinent and vital to our spiritual walk now. Besides, I’d like to see the “Christian” who would dare to claim Psalms or Proverbs is not applicable to us for all time. No, we don’t adhere to the Jewish laws and regulations, for Jesus fulfilled those (Matt. 5:17), but we are always to follow the commands of Love (22:40) –loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourself. (See in Matt. 22:37-39 that Jesus is quoting Old Testament –Dt. 6:5 & Lev. 19:18) For “The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Gal. 5:14) And this can only be done if we truly and fervently love God from a pure and humble heart.

    So, in speaking of the Old Testament, including Deuteronomy, here is another passage that lovers of sin, pleasure, and entertainment need to take warning from: “The images of their gods you are to burn in the fire. Do not covet the silver and gold on them, and do not take it for yourselves, or you will be ensnared by it, for it is detestable to the LORD your God.” (Dt. 7:25) Guess what? I have this, which I noted in pencil, underneath that verse: “The entertainment, 4/30/09”. In other words, the Lord has spoken to me also about how “fine, acceptable” entertainment can lead to self-indulgence, a neglect of God’s Word, a complacency to seek Him and His will, a calloused heart toward those staggering toward Hell, and just downright sin.

    The next verse says, “Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you will be set apart for destruction, even as it is. Utterly abhor and detest it, for it is set apart for destruction.” (v. 26) Do I believe that just because filth can come from the T.V., the radio, or the internet, that we can’t have these things in our homes? I won’t say that, for these can be used as instruments to promote goodness and righteousness. But I will say that blocks should be put against all the ungodly stuff, and that if we are at all tempted to try to sneak around this, we should immediately throw the source out completely. For as Jesus warns in Matt. 5:29, “If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.”

    Well –again, thank you very, very much for spurring us on to walk the “Highway of Holiness”. (Isa. 35:8) May God bless you and give you strength, joy, and steadfastness –always.


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