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Delivering Those Who are Drawn Toward Death at Abortion Mills

Posted by israeliteindeed on January 24, 2013

Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.  If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” does not He who weighs the hearts consider it?  He who keeps your soul, does He not know it?  And will He not render to each man according to his deeds? (Prov. 24:11-12, NKJV)

“With liberty and justice for all.”  In America, we’ve all heard this ideal since we were children.  Unfortunately, it is not the reality.

I am 40 years old. When I was an infant, it became legal to kill your own child in America through abortion. Since then, approximately 50,000,000 children have been legally put to death on American soil. Look at this map below. That number is equivalent to the entire populations of the 18 states which are blacked out!

aborted map
It is easy to ignore the problem of abortion even though God does not ignore it. Why is that? There is something interesting on television, and our church is having a fundraiser, and we have vacations to plan and things to do.  Our neighborhoods seem clean and harmless enough. Abortion clinics look harmless from the outside. Nobody is throwing the torn little bodies of the victims in the street where we might see them and feel horrified enough to actually do something–no, they get picked up in nice trucks and carted away to God-knows-where. We dispose of unwanted people very efficiently today.  No one ever has to see.

And it goes on and on, and once in a while we speak up or we go to a rally or we vote for someone who says he is pro-life.  And we hope one day this will stop, but if it doesn’t…well, there’s nothing I can do, is there?

While we (professing Christians) have been mostly sleeping for forty years, satan has been tightening his grip on the minds of people. There was a time when some girls were really confused about pre-born babies, and were actually convinced that they were only tissue, like an appendix, until a certain gestational age. Today, I do not believe this is the case. The men and women I have spoken to outside of abortion clinics know they are killing babies. More than one has actually said to me, “I will kill my child if I want.” Technology and the availability of information on the internet has largely removed the excuse of ignorance. Pictures of murdered pre-born babies are everywhere.  Some still say it’s not a baby, but I believe they know better.

Two days ago, I was at a pro-abortion rally with some other saints. We had graphic signs, which often speak louder than words.  A group of women, angered by the signs, shouted, “We WILL NOT go back!  We WILL NOT!”  What they meant was they refuse to go back to a time when women were so oppressed and unenlightened that they had compassion on their own children.

I saw in the Spirit that these women saw JESUS in our signs, and they hated Him.  They saw “the least of these” torn and mutilated, and they were enraged–not at the killers–but at the Truth. These dead babies were yet speaking. They were Jesus pleading with these women to turn from their wicked deeds and have compassion on the weak. Their response was, “We WILL NOT.”  They are “full of…murder….without natural affection…unmerciful.” (Rom. 1:29-31)

Please watch the following video if you can (it is less than two minutes long).  It was put out by the Center for Reproductive Rights to celebrate the anniversary of 40 years of murder by abortion. The voice of satan–the murderer from the beginning–is obvious in this video, and this is not a spoof. (Update 1/29/13 CRR pulled their video, no doubt because so many people were disgusted by it. I have updated with a new link, but it was confirmed by several news sites that the original video was indeed from CRR.)

Notice the use of the word “baby” over and over as he wishes the “pro-choice” movement a happy anniversary. Notice the sensuality of the man, and smug way he says he plans to fight to keep the murders going. This is satan exalting himself in plain view.

As horrifying as this video is, God is telling me to stand and defy the gates of hell. Those who are on the Lord’s side–obeying His Voice–have the power of God on their side. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!  This is no time to give up and go to sleep. The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached, and wickedness must be checked by proclamation of truth. Noah was a preacher of righteousness while he built the ark. We must be the same.  God wants none to perish in their sins!

What can you do? First, SPEAK, Christian, even if your voice shakes! Discern between good and evil and don’t be afraid to show others the clear line between the two, and God’s command for all men to repent. Ultimately murder is a fruit of the heart, and people need new hearts through obedience to the gospel, so be prepared to share the gospel with every person at all times.

Second, find out where your local abortion clinic is, find out who goes there, and go with them. Learn what you can from them, and ask the Lord to help you add something.

If nobody seems to be going, get a friend and go. You can call the clinic and ask what day they do abortions, and go on that day.  PRAY that God empowers you to make a difference–it is not by might, nor by power (nor by cleverness), but by His Spirit that victories are won! Get a sign printed with text or pictures–you can use graphic murder pictures or pictures of beautiful, healthy children in or out of the womb (print a sign that is waterproof and sturdy but not too heavy). God uses many things, and abortion clinic ministries don’t have to be clones of one another.

RMCW Oct 2012

Be prepared to share the gospel (the ultimate deliverance from death, and the most important thing); and have printed information to hand out on the truth about salvation, abortion, adoption, etc. Find out where your local crisis pregnancy centers are, and what they offer. Have their numbers ready to give out, and have their number programmed into your phone so you can put a woman who has questions on the phone with them in a moment. Be prepared to spend time with a person who wants to talk.  Have the number to the local police in your phone too, in case someone gets aggressive (serving Jesus has risks.)  Do not return violence for violence, but offer to the violent person the testimony of Jesus by your willingness to turn the other cheek.

If you can preach to the people waiting to kill their babies, preach. If you can plead with any, plead. If you can get information into their hands, do it.  Call upon the workers to repent and remind them they will stand before God and give an account for the innocent blood they are shedding every day.  Tell them there is mercy for those who repent and trust in Jesus.

Third, volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. This will give you opportunities to speak with girls who may already be open to keeping their babies. They need salvation and they need encouragement to love their children and do what is best for them. A culture is reached one person and one family at a time.

Don’t be afraid of seeming like a failure. There is no failure in obeying God’s call to seek out those who have ears to hear. Most people will not listen, but if a few do, it makes a difference. And even if not a single soul listens, God desires a witness to go in love to these people who have determined to sacrifice their children on the altar of self. He wants them to have the opportunity to turn away from their sins and obey the Lord Jesus.

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. (Mal. 4:6)

God bless you!


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