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Dispensational Zionism Proof Texts Introduction

Posted by israeliteindeed on September 1, 2014

Every Christian who supports the political machinations of Zionism in the Middle East should survey the New Testament for any clues that we should support such a thing. And if there are no such commands to be found there, we need to view these doctrines with suspicion, and place them under careful scrutiny, lest we be led astray by them.

While there are Scriptures that plainly foretell the destruction of earthly Jerusalem in 70 AD (Lk. 19:41-44; Matt. 22:7; 24:1-2), there are none that foretell another regathering of national Israelites to a specific border, or a return of the Jews to political power, after that. Search the teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John, and you will never find a verse that says, “watch Israel” or “become a supporter of all things Jewish” or “take the side of the Jews in their wars if you want to be blessed.” Odd isn’t it, if what we are told by dispensationalists is true–that we cannot have God’s blessing without supporting this one country’s political goals. If that is such an important thing for Christians to do in order to remain in God’s blessing, why is the New Testament so silent on the subject? Instead, what you will find all over the New Testament is Spirit-filled Jewish men rebuking the Judaizers for attempting to corrupt the gospel, teaching that all individuals from every nation have equal access to God and His blessing, teaching that the New Covenant has replaced the Old once and for all, and many confirmations that Old Testament prophecies concerning the glories of the coming kingdom were and are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Some point to Romans 11 as proof that modern day Israel is God’s “chosen people” and will be saved as an entire corporate earthly nation one day, thereby necessitating our military  support now while it (as a whole) is still rejecting God. Not only does this belief encourage us to contradict God’s other commands which effectively bar Christians from being involved in earthly wars, it also encourages us to have spiritual fellowship with present-day darkness. It should be obvious to anyone who takes seriously God’s commands to be separate from sin and holy that this interpretation cannot be correct.  Simply, Paul was not teaching what they assert he was teaching. He taught that “not all (earthly) Israel is (God’s) Israel” (Rom. 9:6-7), and that only a remnant of the earthly Israel would be saved, but the whole of God’s Israel (pictured by an olive tree made up of Jews and Gentiles who are one) would be saved. I have dealt with the entire chapter here:

When the disciples asked the resurrected Jesus, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” it seems they had an earthly national program in mind. He sidestepped the question and turned their focus onto the task at hand–their being His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:6-8). Some see in this passage an implication of a future earthly national resurrection (I do not), but what is clear is that the Great Commission is to be the focus of every disciple of Jesus–not promoting a nation’s pre-eminence, or trying to read signs about whether it will again have power on the earth. Nations do rise and fall, and God’s hand is in all of them, yet these things are not to be the center of our focus.

The example the disciples/apostles left for us, after being corrected by the Lord, was to go and be His witnesses until the end of their natural lives. There isn’t a single clue in any of their teachings or examples that they ever involved themselves in anything political or promoting their earthly national heritage ever again. All mention of “Father Abraham” always pointed to people of faith–of any race–being counted as his children. All futuristic hopes always pointed to the time of the Lord’s glorious appearing and the destruction of this earth and all the wicked on it. We have fallen far from that singular attention they gave to what is spiritual and lasting.

What most dispensationalists and zionists point to as “proof” of their teachings is portions of Old Testament Scripture, which they claim the modern state of Israel is fulfilling today or will fulfill in the future. And again, they conveniently ignore the fact that the New Testament generally either counts those Scriptures as already fulfilled in past history, or now fulfilled in Christ and His heavenly kingdom. What I’d like to discuss next are some of the Old Testament proof texts used to support these false doctrines.

God bless you.

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