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Most Moral Army in the World?

Posted by israeliteindeed on September 29, 2014

Let me just say that I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “moral army” when we are talking about carnal armies who are fighting for carnal ambitions. Yes, we have an Old Covenant precedent for there being one moral army at one time which answered directly to the King of the universe–He whose judgments concerning nations could not be wrong. But that nation proved itself sinful like all others and the Old Covenant is now obsolete. The New Covenant is in place forever. God’s people have come to Jesus and are seeking to obey all His teachings, including the Sermon on the Mount. Anyone who is not doing this is not truly moral. I venture to say that wherever there is a carnal army, you are going to find it rife with immorality of all kinds. Many ex-soldiers admit this.

This is not an attack against a particular nation (in this case, Israel.) But what is called “the most moral army in the world” is not moral. Christians–of all people–should be able to see through such wildly inaccurate nationalistic flattery because we have the more sure Word of God which condemns all men under sin until they have individually repented and obediently believed upon Jesus. The relative morality of nations is largely pure self-righteousness. Men judge themselves by other men and call themselves “more moral.” Americans do this too, and I assume that Muslim, Communist, Hindu or pagan nations also have their self-assurances that their causes are more just, their ways more moral than the ways of others. I have heard since I was a child how America is so good, and even now with obvious corruption rampant across this sinking nation, I keep hearing that we are better than any number of other nations. I’m sorry, but I can’t call a nation “good” or even “better” that murders innocent children out of pure convenience, seeks wealth and happiness at the expense of others, adopts deviant sexuality, promotes nudity and satanism and drug abuse and false religion and……..Honestly, need I go on?

As I watched this video, I wept for the corruption of these precious girls’ souls. Notice their consciences troubled them in the beginning. But they made choices day after day to just ignore the injustices, to hide the sin, to fit in with the crowd. Because after all, when you are in an army, you are sort of in a legal “gang”–and the gang is your family. If you let them down, you are now alone. That’s a hard place to be in, when it comes time to make moral choices. Notice how guilt plagues these women, how one says she can’t get the blood off her hands, how another says something evil inside her makes her afraid, and how another drinks to try to forget the memories of her own actions. These women desperately need Jesus! They don’t need someone assuring them that they were part of the most moral army on earth, and that they did a fine job. They really do have blood on their hands, and they really have committed evil deeds. They need someone to agree with them that what they did was against God and their neighbor, but lovingly point them to the only Savior who can give them clean hands and a pure heart after so much defilement. May they sorrow to repentance and find mercy in Jesus Christ!

If you’d like to hear more testimonies from ex IDF soldiers, please watch the videos at Breaking the Silence. There are also many textual testimonies to read there. See also the testimony of Israeli Eran Efrati here, and the testimony of Miko Peled, author of The General’s Son, here.

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  1. Amen. Well said.

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