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That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

The Murderer, John Calvin

Rachel, from Smilesback’s Blog, has written a good article exposing the false teacher, John Calvin. Please have a look. The first paragraph is posted here:

“Once upon a time there was this certain boy…  He grew up.  He studied law.  Got his doctorate in law and became an attorney.  After reading philosophies of “admirable” religious philosophers, he had a “conversion experience” and started reading his Bible.  He then proceeded to write things about the Bible himself, but alas, since his opinions were quite “unorthodox” for the era, he was banished from his town.  No matter.  He took solace with a friend and writing more and more, became a self-proclaimed theologian and “authoritative” writer…” READ MORE


One Response to “The Murderer, John Calvin”

  1. Samuel Tolle said

    Amen sister Rachel,just as soon as the theologues [students of the word],not teachers of the word grow up[spiritually] and find out just how many people Mr. John Calvin has been responsible for murdering in the woods at Geneva,during the age of grace I made add, You wont be able to get them to even live within a 100 mile radius of a city that has a store that sells a pair of blue jeans that has the word calvin written on it and that my right honorable lady is the truth. I wonder how many people the Lord commanded the apostles to burn at the stake for not believing rather than just[shake the dust off your feet and keep carrying on,] Absolutely NONE. Now them ole boys and girls were real Christians. Keep the faith. Don’t ever be insulted by a 5 point calvinist, just give them {HELL] oops that’s what they love to talk about, or better yet just show them a more excellent way and just stick to the scriptures and the word of God and they will think it’s [HELL].

    Samuel Tolle– alias Dr, Kneut proffessor of hermeneutics at the shadetree theological seminary,Homerville Ga.and author the 1129 review of the christian faith

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