The Grace of God

That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

How Does God Deal with Terrorists?

God’s people have always been called to do what nations as a whole generally won’t do. While Christians are called to love their enemies, that doesn’t mean they can force their whole nation to love its enemies (they can, however, share the gospel, and some will respond with faith and begin to love their enemies.)

Also, the word “terrorist” can mean one thing to an American and another thing to someone from, say, Gaza or Hiroshima. One man’s terrorist can be another man’s hero (carnally speaking, of course.)  One of the problems with Christians jumping on the “We need to kill the terrorists” bandwagon, is that their own nation has the same potential to be a terrorist entity, and cover its own dark deeds with media stories of a certain spin, while neglecting to tell the whole story. It is quite possible to be supporting terrorists even as you think you are defending against them.

Another problem with jumping on that bandwagon is that it leads directly away from Christ and his kingdom mission.  The Assyrians to whom Jonah was sent were wicked and violent people, as the following article explains.  Did they “deserve” the mercy which Jonah was so sure God would give them if they hearkened to His warnings? Of course not!

Please read the following article (by Tylor Standley) about how God used his very reluctant prophet to reach out to a “terrorist” nation even under the Old Covenant; and consider whether your thinking needs to be changed on some level, especially in light of the New Covenant.

God bless you!

How Does God Deal With Terrorists?

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