The Grace of God

That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

Victims and Violence

The Justification of Violence in our Culture

On one hand, we are told that violence solves nothing.

But on the other hand…

Survival of the fittest, anyone? Only the strong survive? Isn’t every child taught this doctrine in school (unless he is fortunate enough to be homeschooled by God-fearing parents)?

A violent “medical procedure,” in which a child is dismembered, can solve a world of problems for a pregnant teenage girl, can’t it?  The victim is sucked away and hidden from view, and the girl is told she made a choice to keep her life uncomplicated.

Television and movies indicate that violence does indeed solve a whole lot of problems. We are groomed to love the main character in the first half of the show, and to see him as a clear victim. By the time he uses violence to right all wrongs, we fully support whatever he does. Filming techniques can make violence appear incredibly cool. The bad guy is justly punished. (Justice is a biblical thing, but it’s a rare film that depicts people trusting God to bring about justice.) It’s just entertainment, right?

Anyone else see conflicting messages here?

When siblings squabble, parents sometimes correct them. But if a child is bullied, the parent tells him to stand up to the bully and fight back. We all have television memories of picked-on kids finally gathering the courage to punch someone square in the face. It felt so right, didn’t it, watching the bully fall? And the show ends in 30 minutes with smiling faces, leaving us to believe all is right in the world after someone stands up for himself. (The reality is quite different.)

Video games teach us how easy it is to kill. Just push a button.  Bodies fall, blood splatters, the game continues, points accrue, you feel (falsely) that you are winning at something. Stress and/or pleasure hormones are released in your body while you play. What a rush!  No wives are shown mourning, no fatherless children haunt your memories. And if you happen to die in the game, you have 14 lives left. If you use them up, there’s always the reset button. It’s just a game, right?

What does our government do when there is a perceived threat of violence from another country? It responds with even more violence and calls it national defense. Endless wars of terror are renamed The War on Terror. Those who carry out the violence are hailed as heroes. The many innocent victims arecollateral damage, not people. If those two year-olds were really peaceful, they would have stopped the radicals (the radicals we helped create in many cases).Just war theory is merged with Scripture to produce the bastardized God and country theology.  Pre-emptive strikes are not off the table, because the end justifies the means. Torture?–Why not?

Are you getting the picture? We have been immersed in the justification of violence all our lives.  All you need is a victim and you have the justification of violence. And who in this earth full of sinners hasn’t been victimized?

Satanic Doctrine

War is a necessary evil, right? We must do evil that good may come, and choose the lesser of 2 evils? Hmmm. Where have I heard that before?–Ah, yes, in Luciferian doctrine. Ordo Ab Chao–“Order out of chaos.” Deus Meumque Jus–“God and MY RIGHT.” You won’t find these wicked doctrines in the Bible, friend. The god who lets you worship YOUR RIGHT is the devil. And by this he creates war upon war, both small scale (family feuds, gang wars, race wars) and large scale (between countries). Disciples of Jesus are people of peace, they love all men, they choose righteousness and reject evil. Their God is not the author of confusion (chaos), and their God empowers them to lay down their “rights” in self-denial.

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, and many do not realize they have been indoctrinated into his ways through public school, television, video games, and patriotism/war propaganda. Pastors who are not truly serving the Lord are corrupting the truth by mixing it with satan’s doctrines; lukewarm people who love their own lives eat it up. Such churches are apostate; their tables are covered with vomit rather than Bread. We must renew our minds in the Word of God to understand the Lord’s will, not trusting our souls to anyone, not even pastors or church people.

Opposing Kingdoms–The Clay Pyramid vs the Cubic City of Gold & Precious stones

Jesus’ kingdom is revolutionary. It is the opposite of the devil’s kingdom. And it has and will thoroughly destroy the devil’s kingdom.

Satan deceives and conquers the whole earth by making people victims and then encouraging them to fight for their perceived rights. As people step on and deceive one another to procure what they think they deserve, they become more and more like satan. Together they build the pyramid kingdom as depicted on the US dollar. The illuminated eye at the top represents Lucifer, that false angel of light, deceiving the whole world. The bricks just beneath the eye are the top rulers of the world, who crave power. They are answerable to the eye; and yes, those at the top know and admit they worship Lucifer. The bricks further down might be corporations and entities that also serve the powerful–such as Monsanto (perverting the food supply), Big Pharma (destroying bodies and minds through drugs), the entertainment industry (corrupting values) and the military industrial complex (making a few powerful people very rich and depopulating the world). The bricks on the bottom are the average Joes, searching for an elusive “peace” in various vices while trying to survive. Each person in this pyramid is a slave to his own sin and lust. As you climb up the levels, the people are more and more rich and powerful, having received “benefits” from satan in return for their doing his destroying and deceiving work. Note that pyramids are made of clay–the flesh of man–and this kingdom is built by fleshly men trying to save their lives in this world.  HOW GREAT WILL BE THE FALL OF THIS KINGDOM.

Jesus builds His kingdom as people come and lay down their lives, as living stones, upon the temple foundation He and the apostles/prophets have already laid (Eph. 2:19-22). This beautiful King, unlike Lucifer who elevates himself to exploit and sit atop others, has humbly laid down His life at the very bottom. Think about that–the eye at the top, vs the Corner Stone at the bottom. Do you understand this, friends? He laid down His life so that we could come and lay down on that solid foundation, finally finding rest in His humility (Matt. 11:28-30). There is no earthly king like Him, for earthly kings must rule by force.

Although it was not robbery to be equal with God, Jesus emptied Himself. In this redemptive act, He became the Chief Cornerstone upon which His temple kingdom would be built. The apostles and prophets, walked in His steps, in love for their King. A firm foundation was laid by their self-denial. As people are born again and translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light, they each come and lay down their lives. They become walls and pillars in the house of God. There is no stepping on one another in this kingdom, no deceiving others and being deceived, no fighting for rights. Instead there is speaking truth, refusing to align with wickedness, loving even enemies til it hurts, being faithful to the death, caring for the poor and needy, considering others better than themselves, washing one another’s feet. This kingdom is gloriously revealed in Revelation 21, made of precious stones and gold, gloriously illuminated throughout by God Himself. I encourage you to read that chapter. Those precious stones are the saints of God. They are not made of clay–as in the pyramid–because they are not carnal; their flesh has been crucified with Christ. They have been tested by fire, and their faith stood the test.  THIS KINGDOM WILL NEVER END.

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phil. 2:5-11)

Satan said, “I will ascend and I will rule.” (Isa. 14:13)

Jesus said, “I will make myself of no reputation, take the form of a servant, humble myself, and become obedient to the point of death–even the cross.”

Paul instructs, “Let this same mind be in you.” What mind?–The mind of the One who humbled Himself and let Himself suffer for others.

Peter said we are to endure grief and suffering wrongfully because we were called to follow the exact example of Jesus (I Pet. 2:19-23).

It seems all the witnesses in Scripture agree with Jesus, if most churches do not.

Which kingdom are you in? It’s not what you profess, but what you do, that determines which kingdom you are in. If you are participating in or condoning the ways of Lucifer, you are in his kingdom and are marked as his. Do not be deceived.

Legitimate Use of Force

There is a biblical place for the use of force–by earthly rulers–to restrain evil (Rom. 13:1-7). In general, earthly man rejects God’s law. Those who won’t be ruled by God must be ruled by SOMETHING. Worldly governmental authorities are therefore ordained by God, in His sovereignty, even those which behave unjustly. These authorities will be held accountable for how they used their power. They are to use it only to punish evil and encourage good. But alas, worldly authorities are but men, corruptible as other men. Power corrupts almost everyone. And this is why there are “bad cops” and “unjust judges” and criminals running for president. It is also why all the kingdoms of earth are doomed.

Christian Non-resistance

The disciple of Jesus does not support earthly revolution against wicked governments, because we are to submit to the authorities in every way unless/until they command us to disobey God (this does not mean we can’t testify that what they do is evil.) We are commanded to be peacemakers and to love our enemies. The disciple allows his pockets to be picked by heavy taxes, knowing his treasure is not laid up on the earth. He does not seek a position of power that will necessitate violence, knowing that he is called to another task–evangelizing the whole world and leading people out of satan’s doomed kingdoms into God’s everlasting kingdom. (This is hard for some to accept, yet the witness of the early church is that early Christians refused to be magistrates, soldiers, etc. In this way, they were able to keep themselves from the inevitable corruption found in these places.)

Note that Christians are not “pacifists” if defined as “passive in the face of evil.” They are warriors in the spirit, using spiritual weapons to overcome evil, just as Jesus taught them. As good soldiers, they endure hardship, but they are not destroyers of men’s souls.


As long as men believe themselves to be victims who deserve to pay back their enemies, the increase in violence everywhere will continue. Violence by the common man against authorities, police brutality, race wars, military occupations, revolutions, and more. The end will come “as in the days of Noah.” Remember the earth was filled with violence in those days (Gen. 6:11). Isn’t that what we are seeing now?

We have all been victimized, and honestly ARE BEING victimized daily by those who rule from the top levels of the pyramid. Yet the gospel allows no victim mentality— it creates victors who achieve victory not by destroying enemies, but by embracing the cross. If you are still a victim, you have not yet embraced the gospel that sets men free. When I look at the chaos in this world, I see that this gospel is THE ONLY WAY out of the chaos. Only individuals can find and take this way out; whole nations will never find it. Nations will continue on the path of destruction–do not follow them.

Satan slyly creates the world-wide chaos in order to bring about his remedy of totalitarian rule, because he seeks power to stamp out Christianity and win the battle against Christ. He can’t win, but may be deceived to the point that he thinks he can. The only way to keep your hands clean is to opt out of the world’s ways entirely, and truly walk in the faith and steps of Jesus. When you are de-programmed of satanic doctrine through faith in the Word of God, you will find that you are standing very much alone. You will be condemned by most professing Christians. Do it anyway.

When Jesus speaks peace to your heart, reminding you that He has overcome this world, you’ll find a peculiar and wonderful rest in believing Him. Threatenings will continue all around you, yet you will be secure because your life is hidden with Christ in God. You won’t need to overthrow anyone else because you will be elevated, as Paul wrote, to sit in heavenly places. (Eph. 2:6) Do not fear men who can only kill the body, but fear God. Or as Leonard Ravenhill said, “He who fears God fears no man.” This is the way out of victimhood and violence.  The person who is crucified with Christ cannot be made a victim regardless of his race, nationality, gender or station. Wash your mind from the doctrines of devils that encourage you to live and die by the sword, as beasts. Run from the devil’s kingdom and enter the kingdom of God, where only righteousness dwells!

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