The Grace of God

That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)


Here I will post links to any articles that touch on these false doctrines which create an unbiblical relationship between the modern state of Israel and the Church.

These wicked doctrines have caused much harm and confusion, including:

–Racism (saved by race rather than by grace through faith),

–Excusing the sins of one nation (generally Israel or the USA),

–Withholding the gospel from nations (disobedience to the Great Commission),

–Wanting to physically harm other nations rather than evangelize them (Jesus said this is a wrong spirit–Lk. 9:54-55),

–Rejection of Christ’s teachings, especially the Sermon on the Mount,

–An obsession with physical dominion of this earth now, even if it can only be brought about through sin (Crusades),

–An elitist view of America which includes a refusal to suffer, and a belief that God won’t allow American Christians to suffer,

–And a diverting of the Church’s labors from evangelization to political involvement.

And I’m sure there are more!! Lies beget more lies, so this page is devoted to exposing those lies.


Articles by others:

Christian Zionism and the Myth of America by John Hubers One of the best short readings I’ve ever seen that ties together the American “Manifest Destiny” mindset with Zionism and the twisting of Scripture called “Dispensationalism.”

Christian Zionism: Dispensationalism And The Roots Of Sectarian Theology — a general history by Steven Sizer

Israel versus the Church: A False Dichotomy –a good article showing that the Church has been here since the Old Testament, and that Gentiles are grafted into that Church, making one new man of Jew and Gentile believers.

Spiritual Israel by Doug Batchelor and Steve Wohlberg. A good article explaining the significance of the name of Israel, how Old Testament events foreshadowed New Testament events and were fulfilled in Christ, why a rebuilt temple in the carnal nation of Israel today is not relevant to the Christian, and what is meant by “all Israel shall be saved.”

The True Israel of God by L.R. Shelton The author is “reformed,” and so holds to Calvinism (which I reject). Nevertheless, his presentation of the Biblical Israel is excellent.

The Church is Israel Now by Charles D. Provan. Scripturally proving that Disobedient Israel was never counted as God’s Israel, and the Obedient Church IS counted as God’s Israel.

Two Kingdoms  by Steve Thomas. Should we focus on one earthly kingdom vs the rest of earthly kingdoms? Or has God shown that the real divide is between His Kingdom and the kingdom of darkness?

What Are We to Make of Israel? There are 4 audio lectures on this page by Steve Gregg (located near the bottom of the page). Each is about 1.5 hrs long. I arrived at my own conclusions before ever hearing Steve’s teaching, but we have arrived at essentially the same conclusions.

Popular author and zionist John Hagee denies Jesus came to be the Messiah — 1 minute video straight from his mouth. Dispensational lies beget more lies, and where does it end?

Israel in the Bible –Tons of Scripturally sound articles from Soul Refuge here.

If you’d rather watch videos by the same excellent teacher, see The True Israel of God on youtube.

Do Christians Love Guns? — An excellent article by Andrew Strom



Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions by Stephen Sizer. This video is VERY GOOD! Contains Scriptural refutations to the commonly heard arguments.

With God on our Side Excellent Documentary from a western Christian perspective. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, and what the other side of the story looks like once we peer past the propaganda.

Life in Occupied Palestine by Anna Baltzer.  A very clear and eye-opening explanation by an American Jew.

To See if I’m Smiling Video testimony of six female Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied territories

Breaking the Silence Lots of video testimonies of Israeli soldiers

Testimony of Eran Efrati, a seventh-generation Jerusalemite

Testimony of Miko Peled, son of a famous Israeli general

What Really Happened in Israel and Palestine?  This is an important history lesson, narrated by Jews and Christians.


The Hope of Israel by Philip Mauro

The Gospel of the Kingdom by Philip Mauro


Articles I wrote:

The Unfolding Revelation of Salvation How both the Old and New Testaments tell the same story of God’s plan of salvation.

Errors that are Perverting the Christian Faith How Dispensationalism and Zionism have caused apostasy in the Church.

Born in Zion God’s true City of Jerusalem/Zion is spiritual in nature.

Earthly Jerusalem vs. Heavenly Jerusalem Did you know there are two Jerusalems? Make sure you side with the one God sides with.

The Works of Abraham — Who are the real children of Abraham according to Jesus?

The True Vine — A history of the “Vine” called Israel.

Out of Egypt I Called My Son Who was called out of Egypt?

Jesus, the Door to the Promises The promises to Abraham can only be accessed through Christ.

The King of Israel and His Kingdom (Insights from Balaam’s prophecy)

Israel of God–Set Apart from the Nations (More from Balaam’s prophecy.)

Blessing and Cursing –How are nations blessed or cursed?

The Land of Israel –What is its significance?

No Partiality with God –Does God have a favorite race?

Spirit of God or Antichrist? Which one is operating in most people from earthly Israel (and other nations) today?

For Zion’s Sake (Isaiah 62) Zion’s righteousness goes forth as brightness TODAY in a spiritual (not a fleshly) people.

The Pride of Life and Confidence in the Flesh What did Paul think about his Jewish pedigree?

The Way of Peace They Have not Known How adoption of zionism and other warring “isms” expose the growing division between peacemakers who are gathering to Jesus and carnal men who are scattering from Him.

All Israel Shall be Saved A commentary on Romans 11.

Who is my Neighbor? How Jesus takes away our excuses and self-justifications when we try to avoid obeying the second greatest commandment.

Named Israel, Named Sodom and Gomorrah We are named according to our works!  “Once Israel always Israel” is an ethnic repackaging of the same old OSAS lie.

The Twisting of the Sheep and Goats Teaching — How dispensational/zionist pastors have twisted this important teaching of Jesus. Are we really blessed as long as we support a secular nation, even if we ignore the plight of poor Christians?

American Christian, Judgment Begins in the House of God –how the apostate church has turned to idolatry even as she pretends to “take America back.”

Early Church Writings on Christians and Violence — Are we really following Christ’s teachings? Was the early Church just “unenlightened”? Or have we been deceived?

Give Us Barabbas –The disturbing choice of a violent patriot over the Suffering Messiah is still being made today.

The Religion of Patriotism — The idolatry that has permeated American Christianity

Nationalism is an Idol — And idolatry is evil.

Light That is Really Darkness –The American Church claims to see, but does she?

American Excuses Rather Than Repentance — A letter I received excusing ungodly attitudes, and my response.

Zionist and Dispensational Proof Text Introduction The New Testament offers no support for zionism.

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