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That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

Spiritual Drunkenness Part 1–A Blessing or a Curse?

From the Kansas City Prophets to Rodney Howard Browne–the self-proclaimed “Holy Ghost Bartender”, to the Lakeland “revival” led by unrepentant adulterer Todd Bentley, to the almost unbelievable blasphemies of John Crowder and Benjamin Dunn, all are held together by the not-so-invisible thread of spiritual drunkenness. They claim their drunken or “high” state is the joy of the Holy Spirit, and they label those who biblically question it as judgmental Pharisees or “people who won’t let God be God.” Thinking they have wisely “let God out of the box,” they don’t even realize their own blind pride and the slander they heap on all who lean not on fleshly feelings for answers, but instead look to the Rock–searching the Scriptures to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. I Jn. 4:1

Those who refuse to “try the spirits” are going to be led astray. It is my purpose to examine spiritual drunkenness in this paper by the Bible alone. For simplicity’s sake, I will be posting only the parts of verses which are applicable to our study, but I encourage you to use your Bible or Bible program to check the verses for yourself. I will begin with the Biblical condemnation of drunkenness.

Drunkenness Condemned in the Bible

But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’ and begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk, the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. Luke 12:45-46

But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Luke 21:34-45

The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts. Rom. 13:12-14

But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person. I Cor. 5:11

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed… I Cor. 6:9-11 (Clearly, drunkenness is condemned and those who practice it have no hope of heaven.)

Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are….drunkenness…of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Gal. 5:19-21

And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit. Eph 5:18

For we have spent enough of our past lifetime in doing the will of the Gentiles—when we walked in lewdness, lusts, drunkenness, revelries, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries. I Peter 4:3

So a quick summary of these verses reveals that drunkenness is a “work of darkness” and a “work of the flesh,” and those who participate in it will not inherit God’s kingdom.

Now the proponents of spiritual drunkenness claim that while physical drunkenness is forbidden, the Holy Ghost wants to make us spiritually drunk–and they even go so far as to say that this helps them overcome sin and the world. I intend to prove here that the Holy Spirit of God does not produce such evil fruit, and He is not manifesting Himself in drunkenness, which is forbidden.

Does the Bible ever speak of spiritual drunkenness? YES! And it is always a CURSE from the Lord! This curse is sent by God to help the rebellious destroy themselves! If they don’t repent and follow God’s numerous commands to “be sober,” they will indeed bring about their own destruction as surely as any alcoholic eventually destroys himself.

Spiritual Drunkenness as a Judgment in the Bible

Please read the following Scriptures in humility and the fear of the Lord.

He [God] takes away the understanding of the chiefs of the people of the earth, and makes them wander in a pathless wilderness. They grope in the dark without light, and He makes them stagger like a drunken man. Job 12:24-25

The princes of Zoan have become fools; the princes of Noph are deceived…The LORD has mingled a perverse spirit in her midst; and they have caused Egypt to err in all her work, as a drunken man staggers in his vomit. Isa. 19:13-14

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut; its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again. Isa. 24:20

Woe…to the drunkards of Ephraim…to those who are overcome with wine! Behold, the Lord…will bring them down to the earth with His hand…the drunkards of Ephraim, will be trampled underfoot. Isa. 28:1-3

Blind yourselves and be blind! They are drunk, but not with wine; They stagger, but not with intoxicating drink. For the LORD has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, namely, the prophets; and He has covered your heads, namely, the seers. Isa. 29:9-10

I have trodden down the peoples in My anger, made them drunk in My fury, and brought down their strength to the earth. Isa. 63:6

Thus says the LORD: “Behold, I will fill all the inhabitants of this land—even the kings who sit on David’s throne, the priests, the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem—with drunkenness!…I will not pity nor spare nor have mercy, but will destroy them.” Jer. 13:13-14

Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: “Drink, be drunk, and vomit! Fall and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send among you.” Jer. 25:27

Make him drunk, because he exalted himself against the LORD. Jer. 48:26

Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’s hand, that made all the earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; therefore the nations are deranged. Jer. 51:7

In their excitement I will prepare their feasts; I will make them drunk, that they may rejoice, and sleep a perpetual sleep and not awake,” says the LORD. Jer. 51:39

What do you conspire against the LORD? He will make an utter end of it…For while tangled like thorns, and while drunken like drunkards, they shall be devoured like stubble fully dried. Nahum 1:9-10

And to the Rodney Howard Browne’s, Todd Bentley’s, and John Crowder’s, who claim they are filled with “glory”–

Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbor, pressing him to your bottle, even to make him drunk, that you may look on his nakedness! You are filled with shame instead of glory. You also—drink! And be exposed as uncircumcised! The cup of the LORD’s right hand will be turned against you, and utter shame will be on your glory. Hab. 2:15-16

Is it not crystal clear that spiritual drunkenness is never a blessing from the Lord, but always a curse?!

Could you imagine my saying that physical fornication and adultery are forbidden, but spiritual fornication and adultery are good and encouraged by the Holy Spirit? How could these abominations ever be called holy? Yet this is what some are saying about drunkenness! Drunkenness is condemned–period. But those who having itching ears that want to hear that they can be drunk, are going to have their ears tickled by some false teacher who brings the message they crave! Enter Rodney Howard Browne, Todd Bentley, and John Crowder!!

If a man should walk in a false spirit and speak a lie, saying, I will prophesy to you of wine and drink,’ even he would be the prattler of this people. Micah 2:11

Please notice these prophets are walking in a “false spirit”! This is why we must believe not every spirit, but test them by the Word of God. The true fruit of the Holy Spirit is “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Gal. 5:22-23 Are these false prophets walking in and promoting self-control? Anyone who has seen these people staggering, laughing hysterically, gyrating, etc. should be able to see that this fruit is NOT from the Holy Spirit!

God is not playing, nor has He ever retracted any of His words about drunkenness. If you turn away from the Truth, He is going to give you a lie.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thess. 2:9-12

Do you have pleasure in unrighteousness? Do you have pleasure in drunkenness even though God has condemned it? Do you stubbornly reject the Word of the Lord, exalting yourself and your experiences over His truth and will for you? God will send you a strong delusion, that you may be condemned. If you still have ears to hear, please repent while there is time.

Go to Part 2 “Be Sober”

God bless you.

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