The Grace of God

That Brings Salvation Has Appeared to All Men (Titus 2:11)

Testimonies –Escape From IHOP-KC

This post will be a doorway to the testimonies of others who have escaped from the corrupting influence of IHOP–International House of Prayer.

If you are part of IHOP or a student of Mike Bickle, and sense something might be wrong, please read these first-hand testimonies by clicking on the links. May the LORD grant that your eyes be opened to see and understand where you went wrong, and help you get back to the right path. He will do so if you are willing to love Truth more than anything else.

Disclaimer: I may not agree with every doctrine ascribed to at these sites.

1. Blog “Escape From IHOP”–Paul explains that though he spent 1500 hours in the “prayer room,” he did not possess a changed life. His own words: “I was the fruit of Mike Bickle’s teaching, and I wasn’t very good.” I recommend you read the whole site, as he has much insight that will help the humble.

2. Article “IHOP (International House of Prayer) is NOT of God” from The Messanger –this lady’s testimony documents her 3+ years experience with IHOP. Looking back, she says she had become a “mindless drone who repeated everything she heard.”

3. From Stand Up For The Truth, Ariel’s testimony of her time with IHOP. She concludes that IHOP is a cult. She says she has “seen much destruction of families, relationships and marriages of those who have been involved with this movement.” Some videos also demonstrate manifestations attributed to the Holy Spirit that exactly match Kundalini/Shakti practices.

4. From blog Beyond Grace, article “The Mother of all IHOP Casualties” documents the destruction caused in several different families. The testimony author says, “There are many other tragedies associated with this movement…Clearly, this is bad fruit ‐ the worst kind. Where is the proclamation of the gospel in all of their wrangling? It isn’t proclaimed. I don’t know if it’s even alluded to anymore.”

5. From Blog Ihop Ruined My Life, the author explains how she was demonized and tormented while involved with IHOP.

6. From An Unknown Berean’s Blog Showing that IHOP is New Age, the testimony of a person who says she became unable to think, lost touch with reality, was drained of all her financial savings, and even became suicidal.

7. From blog Design of Providence, Ryan answers questions about his experience at IHOP. When the Scriptures showed him their teachings were false, he was accused of quenching the Spirit and not being able to interpret the Bible for himself. It was realizing his completeness in Christ without their “Roman Catholic Monastic Mysticism” that set him free from their damaging influence.

8. From An Unknown Berean’s Blog Showing that IHOP is New Age, the testimony of a man who knew Mike Bickle and his handicapped brother Pat (who was promised a healing he never received) intimately. Author says Mike Bickle does not have a “born again” testimony, but rather is “deceived by his own thoughts of grandeur” and preys upon young, naive believers to follow after him. He concludes that “IHOP is a works based movement that appeals to flesh through the religion of prayer and fasting.”

Dear Reader and possible IHOP enthusiast, in my next post on this subject, I hope to tackle specific teachings by Mike Bickle that contradict the Word of God. But I hope you will take warning from others who have tasted the water from the well of IHOP and found it polluted.

Please know that if you desire sensory experiences that make you feel “more spiritual” than other people, or seem to validate your relationship with God in spite of obvious failures in your life, you will continue to be deceived. Jesus has not called disciples to be led by senses and the flesh, and that is what is promoted by IHOP despite their claims that they promote a Spirit-led life.

God does not give us experiences that lift us over others, but instead has called us to consider others better than ourselves (Phil. 2:3). Though prayer is to be an unceasing part of the Christian’s life, Jesus warned against praying vain repetitions–thinking you will be heard for your many words; He taught a simple way of speaking to the Father that no man can ever improve upon (Matt. 6:5-15). Further, Jesus commissioned us to teach others the Biblical gospel with our words and daily lives–not to “soak in a prayer room!”

For more information, please read Flee From International House of Prayer aka IHOP and Mike Bickle.

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